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Lorelight Candleworks

Lorelight Wax Melts || Signature Collection

Lorelight Wax Melts || Signature Collection

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All the benefits of the wonderful Lorelight Candleworks scents, without the open flame! 2.75 oz wax melts come in packs with 6 melts.

Spring Collection wax melts available here.

Available in:
Moonshae Driftwood:
sandalwood, ozone, benzoin, amber, powder

Loudwater Apothecary:
lavender, camphor, sage, chamomile, sandalwood, cedarwood

High Forest Enclave:
fir, cypress, lemon peel, cedar, moss, amber

The Temple Edict:
ginger, lemon, saffron, incense smoke

Nature's Reclamation:
cypress, bayberry, moss, fir, wet earth, wild fungus

Loch Noir:
sea salt, seaweed, kelp, wet earth

Coffee by the Fire:
coffee, cream, sugar, clove, amber, smoke

Nightstone Archives:
teakwood, leather, cedar, saffron, dark musk

Afterburner Lounge:
sweet pipe tobacco, pecan, chrysanthemum, leather, cinnamon

sandalwood, cardamom, rose, woodsmoke, musk

Honeylemon Bakery:
lemon, vanilla, butter, cardamom, sugar

First Watch:
cypress, pine, birch, firewood, smoke

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