How do I get your dice?

  • Here on my Shop page on restock days, which I announce ahead of time. The competition there can be tough, so make sure you’re there ready at the right date and time with an account created and your payment method pre-loaded!
  • In exclusive shop sales for my Patreon supporters in Hero tier and above.
  • Auctions in the Handmade Dice Market group on Facebook. Keep an eye out there for postings!
  • In exclusive auctions in my private Discord server for Divinity tier Patreon supporters.
  • Occasional giveaways that I host on my instagram and twitter.

Patron-exclusive restocks
Before a restock, patrons in Hero Tier and above on my Patreon have a half hour early access to everything in the store, and also get 15% off their purchase.

I am not taking commissions. I will post in my social channels and update this page if I open up a list for commissions. I tend to prefer making whatever speaks to me personally.

I do not currently have a pre-order system in place for dice. I will post in my social channels and update this page if this changes.

Holding Items
I do not have a system for keeping items on hold or layaway. When I announce a shop update, all items I have announced for that update will go live at the same time.

Price Range
The majority of my full sets are currently around $225-$250 USD, depending on the design. A D20 currently averages around $65. There are exceptions that are higher or lower. Jewelry is made with 14K gold fill and sterling silver, and averages $85-$140 depending on the design and complexity. Patrons in Hero tier and above ($10) receive a discount on all handmade dice and jewelry.

Shipping Restrictions
Due to new Brexit VAT requirements, I have previously been unable to sell to UK customers. However, I can now! When you make a purchase through my shop, I will instead send you a link to an Etsy listing for the same amount and refund the order on my own website. This is because Etsy is equipped to handle the complexities of VAT reporting requirements themselves, whereas I am not. 

Additionally, due to onerous and financially-unfeasible requirements to pay to register for separate national recycling programs in the following EU countries, I can no longer ship to:
Germany, France, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Latvia.

Print-on-demand items come from various production facilities throughout the world, and are not subject to these same restrictions.

Checkout Process
Your cart does not hold an item for any amount of time while you’re checking out. If you are trying to buy an item quickly, it is wise to save your payment and shopping information to your browser so it can auto-fill. The fastest option is to create a customer account with your data saved.


What are they made of?
Most of my dice are made of epoxy resin. My stonelike designs are made with a gypsum composite in an acrylic resin binder.

Are they balanced?
They are cast in a pressure pot and roll well - perfectly fine for your D&D game. Handmade dice cast in a pressure pot are usually better balanced than mass-manufactured plastic dice. If you’re high-stakes gambling, I’d steer you toward dice meant for that purpose.

Where do you get your molds?
I make my own molds. They are not for sale.

Do you make (other combination of dice that you have not posted)?
I primarily make 7-piece polyhedral sets, single d20s, spindowns for Magic: The Gathering, and mixed palette sets. 

Where do you come up with the names and captions for your dice?
All of my dice designs and names (with a handful of exceptions) are inspired by characters, places, and events in my own home D&D games. I write the captions myself as a way to tell the stories behind those dice in a way that evokes the same feelings as their namesake without requiring the broader context of the game lore. The dice sets with lore behind them come with a Lore Fragment card with purchase so you can read their story for yourself!


Will you show me how to make dice?
Tutorials aren’t something I have time to do, but I do have some process videos on my tiktok. There are also some facebook groups dedicated to learning dice-making (Great Library of Dicecraft, and Dice Making Discoveries).

Will you show me how to make (insert one of my designs here)?
I don’t walk people through replicating my own art, but I’d encourage you to join one of the groups mentioned above to learn and experiment, and to develop your own unique personal artistic style! Stretch your creativity muscles!